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Journeys of Practice: 2014 Conference of the MSU Muslim Studies Program

Thursday March 20 (all day from 9:45 am-5:00 pm) and  Friday March 21 (morning)

Rm 303 International Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

MSU Muslim Studies Program will host their annual interdisciplinary conference entitled Journeys of Practice. “Practice” here includes both devotional and non-devotional expressions, customs, and tendencies among Muslims in Africa, the Middle East and Central/South Asia. See the attached Program contents for the… Continue reading

Mipsterz . . . Muslim Hipsters

Can a Muslim woman be a hipster? A group of young American women created a Facebook page called Mipsterz, and released a video last week that sparked a huge discussion on the Internet. Evidently, a Muslim woman in hijab, with stylish clothes, skate boarding or climbing a tree or fencing to Jay Z’s “Somewhere in America” is a big issue for many people: some condemning, some celebrating,

The… Continue reading

Michigan Federal Judge Grants Muslim Inmates Right to Halal Meals

The Associated Press and local Detroit newspapers reported today that a Michigan Federal judge has granted Muslim inmates the right to halal meals in prisonprison food halal. The ACLU initiated the case in 2006 on behalf of Muslim inmates. In 2010 there were approximately 1800 Muslim inmates in Michigan prisons, less than 10% of the total prison population. Michael Steinberg… Continue reading

Enemies Within? Inside the NYPD’s Secret Domestic Spying Program

Guest Lecture

Adam Goldman, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
Enemies Within? Inside the NYPD’s Secret Domestic Spying Program

Wednesday, Oct. 23 @ 12:00 pm (noon)

145 Comm Arts Bldg  *  Michigan State University  *  East Lansing, MI

Adam Goldman is Associated Press investigative reporter. He will discuss the troubling, legally questionable surveillance program of Muslims and Arabs after 9/11.

Co-sponsored by the School of Journalism and the… Continue reading

Muslim and Gay: A Growing Community Discussion

There is a tension between those Muslims who see Islam as an historically fixed religion and those Muslims who recognize the long process of historical transformation that is a feature of Islam’s movement through time and space from its origins in 7th century Arabia. Muslim religious doctrine and practices change based on context and interpretation. Religious faith clearly is more than a list of do’s and don’t’s derived from a… Continue reading