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Video of 2015 Muslim Studies Conference on Global Halal

For 3 days (February 19-21, 2015), scholars, students and comglobalhalalgraphicmunity members met at Michigan State University in East Lansing for the 2015 Muslim Studies Conference, Global Halal: Muslims and the Cultural Politics of the Permissible. The conference was videotaped. Video of selected conference papers and keynotes will be available in Fall 2015. Click this link to view the video of

What it means to be Muslim in America (Huffington Post)

Muslim in america screen shot“What It Means to Be Muslim in America” (Huffington Post) by Emily Kassie takes us on a quick but meaningful journey across the U.S. Moving between a variety of spaces including an airport, farmer’s market and New York fashion runway, these nine animated videos share diverse encounters of Muslim American men and women… Continue reading

Global Halal: An International Conference on Muslims and The Cultural Politics of the Permissible

February 19 – 21, 2015
International Center and Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

Global Halal is an international conference organized by the Muslim Studies Program at
Michigan State University in partnership with the UK-based Muslim, Trust and Cultural Dialogue Program. The conference topic addresses a range of cultural, economic and political concerns associated with the principle of halal, especially in relation to contemporary… Continue reading

Journeys of Practice: 2014 Conference of the MSU Muslim Studies Program

Thursday March 20 (all day from 9:45 am-5:00 pm) and  Friday March 21 (morning)

Rm 303 International Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

MSU Muslim Studies Program will host their annual interdisciplinary conference entitled Journeys of Practice. “Practice” here includes both devotional and non-devotional expressions, customs, and tendencies among Muslims in Africa, the Middle East and Central/South Asia. See the attached Program contents for the… Continue reading

Mipsterz . . . Muslim Hipsters

Can a Muslim woman be a hipster? A group of young American women created a Facebook page called Mipsterz, and released a video last week that sparked a huge discussion on the Internet. Evidently, a Muslim woman in hijab, with stylish clothes, skate boarding or climbing a tree or fencing to Jay Z’s “Somewhere in America” is a big issue for many people: some condemning, some celebrating,

The… Continue reading