What it means to be Muslim in America (Huffington Post)


Muslim in america screen shot“What It Means to Be Muslim in America” (Huffington Post) by Emily Kassie takes us on a quick but meaningful journey across the U.S. Moving between a variety of spaces including an airport, farmer’s market and New York fashion runway, these nine animated videos share diverse encounters of Muslim American men and women in very different professions. Ranging from the heartwarming to the chilling, each of these very personal anecdotes (less than a minute in length) offers an intimate glimpse into the Muslim American experience. This video project highlights the good and the bad. We see that battling Islamophobia as it rears its ugly head, both within ourselves and in others, is an inevitable part of the Muslim American identity. Ultimately, being Muslim in America is about living your life and shouldering responsibility, confronting ignorance, bringing understanding, and holding strong to your faith and to your community. LT

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