Journal/Islam, formerly known as Islam, Muslims and Journalism Education (IMAJE), is a project of Michigan State University’s Muslim Studies program in collaboration with the School of Journalism with the support of the African Studies Center, Asian Studies Center, and the Center for Advanced Study of International Development/Women and International Development (CASID/WID).  It has been funded through a grant from the Social Science Research Council (SSRC).

The goal of the IMAJE project  is to develop with and for journalism faculty a  nuanced perspective on Islam, Muslims, and Muslim societies that will generate more accurate reporting.  It is not intended as an exhaustive resource on Islam and Muslims.  Rather, this website is an instructional resource for journalism professors and professional journalists who seek materials related to Muslims in the mainstream media.  In addition to providing journalism instructors with readily accessible materials, the website also seeks to encourage MSU Muslim Studies faculty to engage the media’s treatment of Islam.  To this end, the website includes video interviews with MSU faculty whose expertise ranges from Islam in Indonesia and West Africa to political Islam in a global context.

Organized around a series of core topics, the website includes short essays, teaching materials, short interviews with scholars, journalists and media producers, and lists of resources.  These materials are designed specifically for teaching purposes.  They are short and focused treatment of particular topics and make reference to media coverage.  The essays and the videos can serve to start a class discussion or as point of departure for a research exercise.

All the materials on this website have been produced or compiled by MSU faculty and students.  We encourage others to use the website for teaching purposes and research, but request that any use of materials acknowledge Michigan State University’s Journal/Islam project.