Student Work

JRN 408/808, Sec. 2 Reporting on Islam – Taught fall 2009.

Students analyzed news stories on Muslims and Islam in the U.S. and international press.  They were instructed in the complexity of Islam as a religion and the cultural practices of Muslims.  Students created multi-media stories based on interviews with scholars, expert journalists, and members of the Muslim community.  Students will debut on February 26, 2010, “Best Practices in Reporting on Islam and Muslim Peoples.” Materials from the class will also be included in the MSU Web site called Journal/Islam:  IMAJE – Islam, Muslims and Journalism Education.  See

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Day 1:  What is Islam?
Last Day:  What is Islam?

Student stories published on – United Press International

Oct. 21, 2009 “Media coverage of Muslims and Islam still open to criticism” by Jennifer Hoewe (JRN master’s student)

Oct. 22, 2009 “Muslims preparing for a hot Ramadan next year” by Courtney Bowerman (JRN master’s student)

Oct. 26, 2009  “Air Force ROTC cadets learn to avoid cultural conflicts” by Jeremy Blaney (Madison student)

Nov. 9, 2009  “In Michigan, questions linger over Fort Hood, imam killings” by Daniel Redford (Madison student)

Nov. 11, 2009  “You’re a Muslim? There’s an app for that” by Jeremy Blaney (Madison student)

Also, featured in The Muslim Observer, a national weekly newspaper

Nov. 17, 2009  “Interfaith efforts seek to educate, encounter some obstacles” by Jennifer Hoewe (JRN Master’s student)

Nov. 18, 2009 “Muslims and Hindus find common ground in college” by Courtney Bowerman (JRN Master’s student)

Nov. 19, 2009 “Wielding crowbars in Islam’s intellectual palace” by Andrew Norman (JRN Master’s student)

Nov. 24, 2009 “Professor collects tales of religious tolerance in Africa” by Thomas J. Morrisey (JRN student)

Dec. 17, 2009 “Students report on Islam in unique college course” by Alexandra Carter (Madison student)

Dec. 19, 2009 “MSU conference to focus on ‘Islam and the media” by Megan O’Neill (JRN student)

Dec. 19, 2009 “Michigan State students have new reflection room” by Jeremy Blaney (Madison student)

Jan. 8, 2009 – “Cell phones, Internet, interrupt Mecca pilgrimage traditions” by Daniel Redford (Madison student)

Student stories published by other news organizations

Dec. 16, 2009 “Closet Jihad: A Gay Muslim ‘exploded out of the closet’ but knows most members of his faith are from accepting him” by Andrew Norman (JRN Master’s student) Lansing City Pulse

Dec. 11, 2009  “International students strive to absorb American culture” by Andrew Norman (JRN Master’s student) Capital News Service