Study Guide: Noreen Ahmed-Ullah Interview

Watch Interview

1. In this interview, Noreen Ahmed-Ullah described some of the stereotypes she has encountered. Make a list of these stereotypes and describe the circumstances under which she encountered them.

2. Are Muslims the only individuals who face these kinds of stereotypes? Explain your answer and give examples.

3. Are journalists responsible for the promotion of stereotypes? Should journalists be concerned with the use of stereotypes? Explain.

4. Do you think Noreen Ahmed-Ullah is breaking stereotypes? Explain and use examples from her interview.

5. Do you think journalists who belong to a particular group of people should report on that group (e.g. a Muslim covering Muslims, a woman covering women, a Mexican American covering U.S./Mexico border issues)? Would this present a conflict of interest, or would it just be helpful in providing familiarity with the subject? Should journalists be hired based on their cultural, racial, ethic, etc. backgrounds, or would that be discriminatory? Explain.