Test 1 Key

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Reporting on Islam – Test One

Section One: True or False

Directions: Write T for true statements and F for false statements.

__T___ 1. Jihad is the Arabic word for struggle.

__T___ 2. For Muslims, the Quran is the word of God.

__F___ 3. The hijab is required for all Muslim women.

__F___ 4. All Muslims practice their religion in the same way.

__T___ 5. The Pillars of Islam are considered the most important obligations for Muslims.

__F___ 6. Ramadan is the tenth month of the Muslim year during which Muslims fast after


__T___ 7. Adam, Noah, Moses and Jesus are prophets in the Quran.

__T___ 8. The Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar” means “God is the greatest” in English.

__F___ 9. All Muslims are Arab.

__F___ 10. All Arabs are Muslim.

Section Two: Matching

Directions: Match the following terms to their respective definitions.

__F___ 1. Hajj                                   A. Birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad

__H___ 2. Imam                               B. “The base;” Islamist organization conducting and

supporting terrorist attacks against the West; led by Osama Bin Laden

__L___ 3. Quran                               C. Arabic for God

__I___ 4. Hijab                                  D. The Party of Ali; Muslims who believe Muhammad Ali

is the rightful successor to the Prophet Muhammad

__G___ 5. Mosque                           E. “Islamic Resistance Movement;” controls Gaza

__N___ 6. Sunni                               F. Pilgrimage to Mecca

__D___ 7. Shia                                 G. Place of worship for Muslims

__C___ 8. Allah                                H. Leader of prayer at a mosque

__M___ 9. Fatwa                              I. Clothing worn by Muslim women

__E___ 10. Hamas                          J. “Students;” fundamentalist movement in Afghanistan

__K___ 11. Hezbollah                      K. “Party of God;” Shi’a Islamist political organization in


__J___ 12. Taliban                           L. Book of revelations that came to Muhammad from


__A___ 13. Mecca                           M. Opinion issued by Muslim legal specialists

__O___ 14. Islamist                         N. Majority group of Muslims who believe the Prophet

Muhammad was succeeded by four caliphs

__B___ 15. al-Qaida                        O. Member of a reform movement that believes Islam

should be the political and social ideology for all parts of life

Section Three: Essay Questions

Directions: Write the answer to the following questions.

1. How will knowing the answers to the questions in Section One and Two help you as a reporter? Reference class discussions, readings, assignments and lectures in your answer.

2. What is one example of a misperception of Muslims or Islam that has been perpetuated by the media? Be as specific as possible and explain why it is important for journalists and the public to know about this misperception.