Test 2

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Reporting on Islam – Test Two (Take Home)

Section One: Essay Question

Directions: Write the introduction to a textbook about reporting on Muslims and Islam.

The textbook will instruct current and future journalists on how they should cover religion, specifically Muslims and Islam. The introduction you will write should be 10-12 pages (double spaced) not including the title page and reference list. It should include the following:

1. A description of why this textbook is necessary

2. A description of how this textbook will help journalists

3. Examples of the misperceptions of Muslims and Islam perpetuated by the media*

4. Examples of good coverage of Muslims and Islam

5. References to readings, class discussions, lectures and guest speakers

6. The use of outside research (books and scholarly articles)

7. Interviews with relevant individuals

8. A portion dedicated to the arguments some may make against this textbook

9. Refutations of the arguments identified

10. A brief description of what the subsequent chapters will address

*Some of the items listed above may be compiled from previous work done in this class.