Muslim Populations

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The above map highlights various countries and their Muslim populations.  Note that the countries with the highest Muslim populations are not necessarily located in the Middle East. Click on the highlighted countries to learn their stats.  (Updated as of 2009)


Demographic Data

2009, Pew Forum
Interactive Map



2007, International Mission Board
Interactive Map



2002, PBS: Global Connections
Population Density



1998, University of Pennsylvania
Geographic and Demographic Data



Geographical Representations of Schools of Thought

2007, PBS: Wide Angle
Sunni-Shia Map and tools



2006, Global Mapping International
Sunni-Shia Map and tools



1999, University of Texas
Sunni-Shia Map



1999, University of Texas
Islam in Africa Map


Migrations of Islam
Muslim American Culture in the 21st Century
Islam, Muslims and Journalism Education
Death of an Imam
A Documentary Video on the Shooting of Imam Luqman Amin Abdallah
American Halal
American Halal